Harrogate College Students Stun Audiences with CHICAGO

Harrogate College’s Performing Arts students stunned audiences over four shows in the college theatre on Wednesday 20th and Thursday 21st May 2015.

Each show was met with a full house, all singing and tapping along to the well-known and classic songs from the musical ‘Chicago’ originally written by John Kander.

After enjoying a welcome drink and buffet created by the Harrogate College catering students, the audience were plunged into darkness, with the familiar tune playing and narrator welcoming the late night stop-outs to the performance of ‘Chicago’.


The American accent was mastered by the performing arts students and they all immersed themselves into their characters remarkably well. Roxie was played brilliantly by both Vicky Gaunt and Rebecca Morten, with the audience letting out a unified gasp when the character shot Fred Casely dead.

“It was absolutely fantastic, I thoroughly enjoyed it and my heart nearly stopped when Roxie shot the gun!” Pat Jones, audience member.

The big show tunes were belted out, sending shivers of excitement down the spines of the audience, with exceptional performances from Velma Kelly, played by Amelia Gill, coupled with very neat and enticing choreography performed by all of the students.

Velma Kelly

“There were lifts, spins and an abundance of energy on stage and it was truly captivating to watch.”- Says Grace Todd- Harrogate College.

Other passionate solo performances came from Sean Geldart who played a lonely and left out Amos, and Nathan Taylor who played ladies’ man Billy Flint.

Billy Flint


Kim Hutchinson played vivacious Mamma Morten, often on stage with reporters Chloe Hutchinson and Rebecca McCluskey, and detective James Riley.


“The students all committed to the project wholeheartedly and worked hard, so I am proud of their effort and the fact that they also improved their work with every show, getting better and better.”- Beams Robin Burch, Performing Arts lecturer.





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