Harrogate College’s Linda Dalby Donates Hair to Little Princess Trust

Linda Dalby from Harrogate College Business Support Centre has had her long luscious locks chopped off and donated to the Little Princess Trust, to help make real hair wigs for children who have lost their own hair due to cancer treatments. Hair 1

To be able to do this, your hair must be at least seven inches long, and at double that length, Linda had a lot to offer! Linda’s hair will be shipped off to a factory in China to become part of a wig that can hopefully bring a child confidence.

“My hair was getting too long and I figured why waste it?  My hairdresser, Kelly, asked how much I wanted off and I told her to just go for it!  It’ll grow again – and if someone can benefit from it, why not just do it.  Wish I’d weighed myself before and after, it could have been an easy way to lose weight! I lost around 14 inches but unfortunately it wasn’t from the waist!” – Linda Dalby.Hair 3

Linda can now be seen around the Harrogate College campus sporting a new shortened hair do and we think she looks and is fabulous!

Hair 2


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