Student of the Month- Georgie Ratcliffe

Congratulations to June’s winner of the Principal’s Student of the Month, awarded to Georgie Ratcliffe by Harrogate College’s Head of Operations, Julie Stephenson.

Georgie Ratcliffe

Georgie Ratcliffe is on the NVQ Level 2 Hospitality Services course at Harrogate College and was nominated for the June award by Student Coach, Maxine Emmett.

“Georgie always takes her learning seriously and isn’t frightened to push the boundaries of creativity. She is always expressing her gratitude for the opportunities that she’s been given.

The final decision for me to nominate her was when she cut her finger whilst prepping an Avocado and Lime cheesecake for the Mexican themed evening in The Metro. Despite us spending 2 hours in A&E getting her finger bandaged, she was determined to return to college and assist her peers, as well as making sure that her cheesecake remained her own creation.”

Georgie also won the Lilly Reid Hospitality Award at the Further Education Awards at the start of June. Well done Georgie, we’re all really proud of you!

You can see more on our Facebook Page.



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