Louise Claxton, Level 3 Motor Vehicle Case Study

91% of our students here at Harrogate College go on to study in further education, or go into full time employment, which is exactly what Level 3 Motor Vehicle student Louise Claxton is doing.

Louise has landed herself a full time job as Junior Assembly Engineer at Ginetta! Congratulations Louise!

Louise ClaxtonLouise Claxton studied at Harrogate College for two years, beginning the Motor Vehicle course at Level 2 due to her wealth of prior knowledge of the subject. Louise is now leaving and entering straight into full time employment with racing company Ginetta.

Louise speaks about why she chose to study at Harrogate College.

“I chose Harrogate College because not many places offer a course in Motor Vehicle and that is exactly what I wanted to do, so it was a perfect choice.”

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed studying on this course as the work shop facilities are second to none. There’s a great combination of practical and theory based work and the tutors and technicians are incredibly knowledgeable and will do anything to help.”

Louise is following in the footsteps of her Father and Grandfather, in the world of racing.

“I’ve always wanted to be a mechanic as I’ve grown up around cars. My Dad and Grandad have always both been into racing and it’s definitely a road I want to go down too.”

“In the future, I’d like to own my own racing business, so the knowledge and skills I’ve learned at Harrogate College have put me on the right track to achieving that goal. My confidence has grown massively and allowed me to secure this job at Ginetta, which I’m incredibly excited to begin!”

Louise Claxton also won Best Novice at the Three Sisters race track in Wigan, in her very first sprint race.

Founded in 1958 by the four Walklett brothers, Ginetta Cars Limited are a company with a passion for motor racing and one that produces predominantly race or road/race orientated cars.

“Ginetta offer young people such as myself, fantastic opportunities to begin a career within the racing industry. I can’t wait to put the skills I have learned into action.”

A Motor Vehicle technician at Harrogate College mentioned to Louise that Ginetta was hiring staff, so the 18 year old took it upon herself to submit an application. Shortly after that, she was asked to attend an interview, followed by a second interview where Louise had to use her practical skills to ‘track up a car’ which involves making sure the wheel s are properly aligned. Louise pulled out all the stops and impressed the team, and a couple of days later she had been offered a permanent and full time job as Junior Assembly Engineer at Ginetta.


Louise Claxton

(Louise Claxton pictured with her Mum after winning Best Novice in her first sprint race at the Three Sisters race track in Wigan.)


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