Alice Thwaites- Motor Vehicle Level 2

Alice Thwaites

Alice Thwaites is studying on the Level 2 Diploma in Vehicle, Service, Maintenance and Repair course at Harrogate College.

Having always loved fixing cars, Alice decided to enrol onto the Motor Vehicle course as she knew it could offer her a wealth of knowledge and skills.

“Coming to Harrogate College was a no brainer for me, as the Motor Vehicle course was really appealing, along with the fantastic workshop facilities that are in place.”

“I thoroughly enjoy the very hands on and practical aspects of the course, I have learned a lot throughout the year.”

Growing in Harrogate, Alice knew that Harrogate College would be the place for her.

“Harrogate College is easily accessible for me, as I can jump on the bus or even catch the train. It allows me to do something for myself and offers me a great opportunity to create a career for myself.”

“I’m hoping to progress onto the Level 3 Motor Vehicle course in September, with a view to becoming a fully qualified mechanic. I’m also hoping to begin an Apprenticeship, as I can continue learning whilst earning.”

Alice dreams of owning her own garage one day and knows that the skills she has learned will help her on her way.

“In the future, I would love to own my own garage, possibly in Harrogate as this is where I’ve grown up. I know I now have a good wealth of skills that will help me on the path to achieving this goal and I’m really excited to put them into action.”

“The tutors and technicians at Harrogate College are incredibly helpful, knowlegable and also fun, which is a great way to learn. They’ve all really helped me to get through the course.”

Motor Vehicle tutor Howard Wallace says:

 “Alice always gives 100% within the course and has a really good personality.”


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