Amanda Dundure- Child Care Level 2

Amanda Dundure

Amanda Dundure was born in Latvia and moved to England four years ago.

Amanda has just completed her Level 2 Child Care course at Harrogate College, with a view to continuing onto Level 3 next year.

Amanda knew that Harrogate College was the right place for her to study Child Care.

“I had heard some really good feedback about the College so I went to the Open Day and straight away I knew that this was the place I wanted to be!”

“I have always wanted to work with children and help to make them feel that they are part of this world.”

As a very enthusiastic and conscientious student, Amanda is on the right path to achieving her goal of opening her own nursery.

“Studying on this course will definitely help me to achieve my dream by giving me the skills needed to go on to the Level 3 and hopefully Level 4 Child Care courses, allowing me to have a better job in the future.

“My dream is to open my own nursery where I can teach children both English and Latvian. I think it would be quite unique!”

The things Amanda enjoys most about Harrogate College are:

“I love being part of the group and go to the REP meetings with all the other students. Being with my friends around College and working with the amazing tutors are really important to me.”

“I also really enjoyed the end of year Further Education Awards ceremony, although it was nerve-racking going up on stage in front of all those people! It was brilliant.”





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