Sharon Rollin- AAT Level 3

Sharon Rollin

Sharon Rollin is studying on the Level 4 AAT course at Harrogate College as her employer encouraged her to gain accounting qualifications, to further enhance her skills in the workplace.

“I’ve been studying at Harrogate College for the past three years on the AAT course, progressing from Level 2 to Level 4. I’ve enjoyed my time here immensely, as I’ve gained so much knowledge and a wealth of skills. It’s been amazing to see what I can achieve.”

Having previously worked in office management, Sharon’s employer encouraged gaining a qualification in accounting so that she could enhance her skills and utilise them within the company.

“As part of a College project I had to review the internal Controls Accounting Systems and come up with strategies that could help the way things are run within the company. My plans and strategies are now being implemented in my place of work which feels absolutely amazing.”

“I’m so proud that the skills I’ve been given by the incredible tutors at Harrogate College can be used daily. I love seeing what I have achieved and also look forward to seeing what I can continue to achieve in the future.”

Sharon has thoroughly enjoyed her time at Harrogate College.

“I’ve really enjoyed my time here at Harrogate College. I like being able to do something for myself as an Adult learner and catching up with friends in the HG2 café. It’s a peaceful place to be able to chill out after a hard lesson.”

“We learn in a lovely and relaxed atmosphere and the tutors are all really professional.”

Sharon’s tutor Shelley Hewitson speaks very highly of the student.

“Sharon is consistently excellent with 100% attendance. She is always eager to learn and asks questions if she isn’t sure about something, which is vital when you’re learning!”


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