Business & IT students faced with a raft of challenges

Harrogate College’s Business and IT students got stuck in with raft building on their induction week trip to Bewerley Park. The students enjoyed a host of team building activities and were faced with challenges that really pushed them out of their comfort zones.

The group was split in two and dropped into ‘raft building’ mode, where they had to work together to build a raft that could transport the team across the lake. The materials they could use included empty plastic barrels, logs, ropes, belts and one knot that would ‘change their lives’, according to the instructor.

Business and IT

The aim of the game was to build a raft that would not only float in the lake, but be strong enough to transport the team of 8 students across the water.

Raft building

Raft building

The teams worked incredibly well together and exercised a great deal of logic to find the best way of achieving their goal, before being plunged into the icy lake to complete the task!

Business and IT

Meanwhile, another group of Business and IT students were dangling 30ft in the air from high ropes hidden in the woods.

High ropes

Offering words of encouragement from the ground, this group of students waited nervously for their turn to clamber up the 30ft wooden pole, with a wobble and perch on the very top before taking a leap of faith to catch the trapeze.

Business and IT

High ropes

A massive well done and thank you to all the Business and IT students who came and enjoyed themselves on the induction week trip to Bewerley Park.



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