Hair and Beauty students take on the Army assault course

Hair and Beauty students were forced out of their comfort zones during induction week, to tackle the Army assault course.

Army assault course

The students studying on Hair and Beauty courses at the College, were thrown into an unfamiliar environment that was the Army assault course, to have some fun!

Who doesn’t love a bounce on a giant inflatable assault course? This group of bubbly students certainly did, ducking and diving under the barriers and weaving their way through the fingers before popping out of the hole at the end of the course.

Hair and Beauty

Offering words of encouragement and cheering each other along, the students worked together as a team, bonding and having fun as the activity took place.

Hair and Beauty

The students also tackled the wrecking ball, which is a lot harder than it looks!

Wrecking ball

Wrecking ball

Media make up students were introduced to their brand new salon and their working make up kits during their induction.

Make up

Media makeup

Media Makeup is a new course for Harrogate College so we are extremely excited to see some of the fantastic work that will undoubtedly come from this group of students.

Skilled makeup artist Louise is the tutor on the course and gave the group one of many demonstrations and plenty of tips, as part of induction week.

Media makeup


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