MA student Harry Johnson-Firth hosts solo exhibition

Masters of Creative Practice student Harry Johnson-Firth has successfully hosted his first solo exhibition at St James’ Church Hall in Wetherby on Saturday 8th August 2015.

The Masters Exhibition of Steel Sculptures entitled ‘Man in the Environment’ was created by Harry Johnson- Firth to take the vast body of fantastic work he has produced throughout his masters degree at Harrogate College, to a live audience, independently.

Harry Johnson-Firth

The show looked at the way in which time can be extracted from an environment. Harry has taken the age of trees and used the measurements to create an array of steel sculptures.

These sculptures are a token of the environs they are from but also a fragment of the time they were grown from. As I have used mild steel, the sculptures will continue to age as the trees themselves continue their growth.

Harry Johnson-Firth


Harry has studied a variety of courses at Harrogate College throughout his five years here, starting with the Foundation in Art and Design and continuing all the way through to his Masters Degree.

I chose to study at Harrogate College due to the abundance of specialist facilities on offer, as well as a wide variety of disciplines available within the art department. I have loved having the freedom of being able to choose materials and topics and  the flexibility of fitting your intended working projects to the brief assessment.

Harry Johnson-Firth

This hard working student has produced an outstanding amount of work throughout his time at Harrogate College and is an ambassador for progressing from further education into higher education.

During my time here, I have enhanced my ability to articulate and communicate through my Art forms as well as improving my professional conduct in the Art scene. I have now launched myself as an independent artist and hope to be able to support and market my own sculptures.

The staff at Harrogate College are experts in their fields and are absolutely passionate about providing an excellent working environment.

It’s been fantastic to be able to work on live projects across the different courses, whilst having continual and greatly appreciated support from the team of staff. With their help, I have developed a new confidence in my own ability.


Harry now intends to study Horticulture in order to help him further develop his practice, by learning more about traditional sculpture methods such as stone carving and hot metal casting.

We expect to see a lot more from Harry, and you can too by visiting his website at





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