Harrogate College students show off skills at Nidderdale Show

Harrogate College Catering and Hospitality students took to the stage at the Nidderdale Show, to demonstrate skills and their flair for cooking, whilst Child Care students entertained the kids,  on Monday 21st September 2015.

Pateley Pantry

The annual Nidderdale and Pateley Show is a fantastic combination of all things agricultural, usually signifying the end of the summer. The heavy downpours during this year’s show had visitors donning their Wellington boots and enjoying the attractions nonetheless.

It was predicted that 17,000 visitors would flock into Pateley Bridge, so the butterflies in our students’ stomachs were completely justified.

One of the main tents at the show was the Pateley Pantry, where a variety of different food stalls gathered to sell their home made, local produce, including Brown & Blond Artisan Bakery owned by a former Harrogate College student. At the end of the tent was an area decked out with seating ready for our cookery demonstrations, and flood in they did!

Pateley Show

There was a bum on every seat, all ready and waiting to hear what our catering and hospitality students had to offer. The theme was Harvest Hedgerow, so with that in mind, the team of eight students took it in turns to create Brioche with Autumn Fruits (Posh Eggy Bread) and Apple Fritters with a Blackberry Mascarpone Cream.

Pateley Show

Pateley Show

Each student knew exactly what they had to do, whilst Rosie South the catering tutor cracked jokes with the audience and informed them about the speciality nights in the Metro Restaurant of Harrogate College.

Pateley Show

The team did four demonstrations throughout the day and they were absolute experts by the end, perfecting their dishes with skills they’ve learned in their short time at College.

Pateley Show
Apple Fritters with a Blackberry Mascarpone Cream
Pateley Show
Brioche with Autumn Fruits (Posy Eggy Bread)

The audience was then given the opportunity to taste the dishes, and suddenly there was a sea of hungry visitors queuing to sample what was on offer, much to the delight of the students. Some even snuck back for a second helping!


Pateley Show

Meanwhile, our Child Care students were busy entertaining children in the activity tent of the family zone. Having been invited by Sunflowers Nursery, the students jumped at the chance to help out and were surrounded by kids wanting to play.

Pateley Show

If you’ve never seen a chicken on a lead, then this was the place to go as the animal magic shows took place!

Patelry Show

The team of students studying on the Level 3 Early Years course were decorating biscuits, giving out balloons and making shapes out of Play Dough all day long!

Pateley Show

Pateley Show

The day spent at the Nidderdale and Pateley Show will go towards the students achieved hours of work experience that they need to complete, as what better way to put the skills learned in the classrooms into action that in a setting such as this!

Well done to all the students who took part and worked extremely hard throughout the day and a big thank you to all who came and supported the show. Until next year!


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