Art and Design Students Pitch Halloween Decor Designs to Yorkshire Hotel

Art and Design students at Harrogate College were recently offered an extremely exciting and daunting opportunity by The Yorkshire Hotel, to design and create a bar full of Halloween decorations.

The HG1 bar in the Yorkshire Hotel, Harrogate, approached the Art and Design department for an innovative new design concept for their annual Halloween party, in the form of a student competition.

After a visit to the site and a client brief, the students separated into groups and set to work right away with conjuring up some spooky ideas to win the challenge.

With only a £350 budget to deck the venue, it was important that the students researched and carefully contemplated what materials they would use, and state why on their design sheets.

On Tuesday 13th October, General Manager Rob Warren, Operations Manager Chris Thompson and Assistant Food and Beverage Manager Simon Hodgeson arrived at Harrogate College to form the panel that the groups would be pitching their ideas to.

There were some nervous faces and a few butterflies from students as they prepared to take centre stage to pitch their Halloween décor ideas to the team from the HG1 bar.

Group one

As a joint first and second year project, the student groups were varied and mixed which threw out some charming ideas, such as frightening acetate images for window panes, spider nests made from balloons and PVA glue and a modern twist on the carved pumpkin.


The first team to pitch was led by Joe Harris, team two by Harrison Ward, team three by Dan Flack, team four by Emily Milburn and team five by Denver Maybank. All the students participated and explained their individual ideas.


Once all the groups had pitched, the design sheets were brought back into the room for further discussion by the team from The Yorkshire Hotel, and after much deliberation, it was decided that ideas from each group would be combined into one magnificent Halloween themed bar.

“It’s been a real privilege to be involved in the project. The students showed exceptional creativeness, which meant that instead of choosing one idea from one group, we instead picked a selection of inspiring ideas. The team at the Yorkshire are all looking forward to the big unveil on the 31st and to a continuing working relationship with the college in the future. Here’s to the next project!” – Chris Dobson, Operations Manager at The Yorkshire Hotel.


“The Yorkshire Hotel approached the art department at College and we immediately recognised the fantastic opportunity for work experience, as the students are working to a live client brief. They are working extremely hard to create a sophisticated and classy Halloween theme that is in keeping with the HG1 bar.” – Johnathan Leng, course tutor.

All the students who took part then had the opportunity on Saturday 31st October, to decorate the HG1 bar ready for the grand opening of their Halloween party that night.

HG1 bar

Students arrived promptly at 9am and began putting their plans into action.

“The group worked well as a team to bring together all their ideas on this challenging task.” – Johnathan Leng, course tutor.

Body bag


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