Back to the Future! Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

back to the future logoIt’s back to the future day! The date that Marty McFly and his eccentric friend Doc Brown set the timer in the modified DeLorean car to, to take them into the future.

It got us thinking, where do the people of Harrogate College see themselves in the future?

With many puzzled faces and a few pauses for thought, the students minds started racing as they conjured up their five year plan…

Ella – Level 2 Food and Beverage Service  

“Working front of house in a big hotel, serving rich and famous people!”

Lauren – Level 2 Food and Beverage Service  

“I’d like to be working with horses, hopefully show jumping as that’s my passion.”

Lydia – Level 2 Food and Beverage Service  

“Ideally I’d be working in hospitality in Harrogate whilst saving up money to go travelling around the world.”

Ethan – Level 2 Food and Beverage Service 

“On a tropical island! No, but I’d really like to own my own pie making business in Paris.”

Abbie Coker – Level 2 Food and Beverage Service

“I want to work as a chef in the kitchens of a nursing home as I’d like to make a difference.”

Food and Beverage service

Alex – Level 2 Food and Beverage Service 

“My dream is to be running my own bar in Harrogate, I’ll still be quite young then but I believe I can do it.”


Frazer Coulby – Level 2 Professional Cookery

“I see myself opening my own fine dining restaurant serving a wealth of international cuisine. I’ve learned so many skills already at college that I feel confident that I will achieve my dream.”

Frazer Coulby

Gemma- Level 1 Hairdressing

“I’d like to be working as hairdresser in a good salon in Harrogate.”

Liz- Level 3 Hairdressing

“Ideally I see myself as a hairdresser with some lovely clients in Harrogate, making enough money to buy a Range Rover!”


Amber – Level 2 Hairdressing

“I want to own my own hairdressing salon in Harrogate, employing my own staff and running my own business.”


Holly- Year 2 BA (HONS) Interior Design

“I want to have bought a Victorian style house by the time I’m 25 and do it up myself. I’d also like to working for a domestic design company to begin with, then move into interior architecture.”


Ashley – Year 2 BA (HONS) Interior Design

“I already know exactly what I want to be doing and that’s living in the Dominican Republic, working as an interior architect. I want to have established myself as a recognisable designer. I’m already working and saving now whilst I finish my degree.”


Josh Davies – BA (HONS) Interior Architectural Design

“I hope to start my own freelance design consultancy business.”

Ellen- BA (HONS) Fine Art

“I see myself as an artist, teaching art in high schools. I’d also love to be a window designer for a large company such as Harrods!”


Jess- BA (HONS) Fine Art

“Hopefully I will have sold some of my own artwork in 5 years time and be well on the way to establishing myself as an artist. I’d also like to be an art teacher in a college or University.”


Letty Gwanzura- BA (HONS) Fashion

“I’m going to be a fashion designer. My husband is a film maker so I’d like to go into costume designing, particularly contemporary African clothing!”


Rosie South – Catering and Hospitality tutor

“In 5 years time my café and business ‘Treasure and Relish’ will be booming and I’ll be living the dream!”

Rosie South

Mark via Twitter

“I am hoping to go to America to be a chef or Europe somewhere, thanks to Harrogate college, I got myself a better life.”

Johnathan Leng – Photography tutor

“I’d love to resume my artist career, taking more photos and having my work in exhibitions.”


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