Sadie Mae Martin – BA (HONS) Interior Design

In her second year studying on the BA (HONS) Interior Design course at Harrogate College, Sadie Mae Martin already has a wealth of valuable experience under her belt, not only from studying for her degree but also interning at a design company in Harrogate.

From Harrogate Grammar School, Said chose to study at Harrogate College because of the facilities on offer, as well as the cheaper price and small class sizes.

“I didn’t really want to move away to university as I wanted to be able to save money, so naturally I chose a cheaper option for study. The small class sizes are great because you get a lot of one on one tutor time and we’re also really close as a group. The facilities are Harrogate College are extremely attractive as there are some amazing resources on offer as well as the brilliant and knowledgeable tutors!”

Practice pitch

With a passion for Interior Design, Sadie took part in the Miller Homes design competition 2015, pitching ideas for the new show home Chene Hall in Killinghall and competing against her classmates. Sadie was announced as the winner and will now get to bring her designs to life!

“I’m so excited to have been picked as the winner but also incredibly nervous as now I have to make my ideas come to life! It’s been a fantastic experience for us all and we’re really grateful for the opportunity.”

“I hope to one day own my own design company as I definitely see myself working in the industry. My studies have already given me valuable experience and I’m not even half way through yet! I’m really looking forward to completing my degree.” – Sadie Mae Martin

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