Jo Bartlett – BA (HONS) Interior Design

Jo Bartlett is studying on the BA (HONS) Interior Design course at Harrogate College after wanting to embark on a new challenge and career change.

Jo Bartlett.

“I have always had a passion for Interior Design, so now my children are older I decided to challenge myself and take the first step into the industry, by enrolling on this course.”

As a mature student, Jo chose to study at Harrogate College due to the proximity to home and the fact that the course fits well around school and child care hours.

“I love the course and I’m so glad that I joined. I love the subject, the tutors are exceptional and my class peers are all really supportive. As we’re in much smaller groups than we would be at University, we have the opportunity to bond and bounce ideas off each other.”

“My dream is to work in the Interior Design industry and set up my own business. I’d also like to go into teaching or lecturing at some point, but one step at a time!”

Jo, along with her degree group, has had the opportunity over the past few months, to work with Miller Homes on their student designer competition.




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