Art and Design students are ‘Frozen in Time’ at Fountains Abbey

Harrogate College students studying Art and Design have been given the opportunity to have their artwork showcased as part of the ‘Frozen in Time’ exhibition at Fountains Abbey.

The ongoing partnership between Harrogate College and the National Trust at Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal in Ripon, North Yorkshire, has given many students over the years, the platform for their work to be exhibited after being commissioned by Fountains Abbey. Each year takes on a different theme and 2015 is ‘Frozen in Time’.

Fountains Abbey

“We have been thrilled to work with the students of Harrogate College for the “Frozen in Time” exhibition at Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal this winter.  The students were commissioned to produce a piece of art work, in any medium, on the theme of “Frozen in Time” taking into account our audience profiles, and also our “Spirit of Place” statement. It is important to us that our exhibitions appeal to our core audience, and do not jar with the history and atmosphere of the estate.  For most of the students this was the first time they had worked to a strict brief with an external commissioner, and they had to work through the challenges this presented.” Said Emma Manners, Learning Officer at Fountains Abbey.

At the half way point in November, the group had the opportunity to pitch their budding ideas for their artwork to the team from the Abbey and gained constructive feedback in order for them to continue on the right path.

“At the halfway point, we were thrilled by the way the students had been inspired by the brief.  With interpretations including fashion, ceramics, fine art and animation, the final exhibition would be packed with variety, skill and excitement.

The students put in a huge amount of work to realise their plans and we are thrilled with the ambition and variety of the final art works.  From stunning fashion creations to finely drawn pieces, the inspiration the students drew from the Fountains Abbey Estate is evident and exuberant.” – Emma Manners.

“With all the hard work that the students have put into working on this live brief with Fountains Abbey, I’m looking forward to seeing the best Fountains Abbey project yet!” – Johnathan Leng, Photography tutor.

The “Frozen in Time” exhibition is on display at Fountains Hall on the Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal Estate from December 15th until January 31st where you can vote for your favourite piece of the unique collection of mixed media artwork created by the students of Harrogate College.




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