A Fisherman’s gansey and the story it tells- Graeme Knowles Miller

Graeme Knowles Miller began his career at Harrogate College back in 2010, when he enrolled on the BA (HONS) Fashion Design and Production course. After three years here, Graeme became a Bachelor of Arts with his fantastic 2:1 degree, inspiring him to continue his education by beginning to study for his MA in Creative Practice.

Graeme Knowles Miller

“I chose to study at Harrogate College mostly due to the smaller classes sizes, which allowed more one on one tutoring time and a better allocation f resources. There was always enough table space for pattern cutting and a machine to work at all day allowing you to get into the flow.” – Graeme Knowles Miller.

A former Harrogate High student, Graeme has remained a Harrogate local.

“It was very useful living locally to where I studied, as it allowed me to stay later some evening and I could bob back quickly if I forgot anything!”

“I chose my BA course because I wanted to be creative but honestly cannot draw or paint to save my life! I also appreciate a well-fitting suit and wanted to learn how to make one from scratch. Though I did learn this and many other skills along the way, it was knitwear design that grabbed my attention and was the inspiration for the final collection in my third year- A fisherman’s Gansey and the story it tells.”

Graeme was so inspired by his research during his BA degree that he continued the project into his Master’s. To see Graeme’s final collection look book, please click here.

Graeme Knowles Miller

“My MA followed straight on from my BA collection giving me two years to research and specialist in Scandinavian Knitwear design, using well-known motifs in new and interesting ways. There are very few places in the country that would have given me the freedom to do this.”

“A close knit group for both my degrees has encouraged me to excel but also informed me as to other artists and designers practices. In turn, this has developed my understanding of personal practice; our MA class showcases this, with only three students all from different areas. The group has developed as one giving us all a very broad understanding of the Arts.”

During his time on the course, Graeme was part of and is currently still part of the team from Harrogate College that attends the annual Knitting and Stitching Show in Harrogate; a fantastic opportunity to promote his own work.

“In the future, I want to be a full time knitwear designer working closely with native spinners, dyers and knitters. I will always strive to conserve and preserve knowledge that is being lost such as unusual Scandinavian techniques that are geographically specific. This I think is important to helping the craft survive and develop in an age of technology.”

Graeme knows that his studies at Harrogate College have greatly helped him on his way to his chosen career. Currently working closely with designer Debbie Bliss, Graeme has three of his patterns published under her name this season, and more in the pipeline.

“My MA has allowed me to specialist in a sector of knitwear design that very few are comfortable working in. Also the research into historical techniques and methods has given me the knowledge to co-author a book which will be coming out early next year.”

Graeme has a number of free knitting patterns available to download for free, which can be found on the Designer Yarns website and Ravelry website.

If you’d like to be able to knit StaySail Mitts, Graeme has a pattern available here.



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