Young Reviewer Alice Storm- Night + Daze

Please Sheffie, Tell Us More!

Ladies and genitals, take a seat, grab a drink, and get prepared for an hour of absolute hilarity, realism and shameless TMI. Let Sheffie whisk you away on an action packed- of sorts -adventure with plenty of interaction with the audience, copious yet absolutely fitting amounts of foul language and plenty of pop culture references. The performance touched upon political matters in a light-hearted yet reasonably serious manner- not to mention that they brush over more serious topics such as alcohol abuse and various familial issues.

I entered the studio and was immediately greeted by Sheffie himself, which provided a stimulating and certainly interesting change to the more common types of performance in which the fourth wall is forcefully in place. The atmosphere hit me like a truck the moment I sat down, the music and colourful lighting only adding to the ambience surrounding the audience! Speaking of music, there was an excellent use of the underused character themes- E.g. Jenny The Whore and, of course, All Saints Girl. Sheffie did a delightful job of building up the tension in the room and gradually bringing it back down in time for the wonderfully satisfying conclusion.

Studio performances are often not given nearly enough credit and thus aren’t as popular as they really should be due to the small stage, close contact with other audience members and various other aspects- yet this is a wonderful production all round! Night + Daze didn’t only meet my expectations, but exceeded them by far. Sheffie uses a broad range of gestures, a wide, if slang-filled vocabulary, stereotypes, and countless character changes to tell this profanity-filled tale of ladness, feelings, and alcoholic madness.

Overall, Night + Daze is an invigorating, intoxicating modern comedy and I would absolutely love to go watch.

Night + Daze

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