Ben Hawkins – BTEC Level 3 Uniformed Public Services

Ben Hawkins Ben Hawkins is a student on the BTEC Extended Diploma in Uniformed Public Services course at Harrogate College.

“I chose Harrogate College because I was really interested in studying on the Uniformed Public Services course, as I thought it would give me the best chance of getting into the Police force.”

Ben came straight to Harrogate College after completing his school studies.

“I much prefer the way college works as opposed to school; I enjoy being treated like an adult and putting all my efforts into one subject that interests me.”

In the future, Ben wants to join the Police force and knows that the skills he has learned in the past two years on the UPS course, and those that he will continue to learn, will help him to achieve that goal.

“My studies here will definitely help me to reach the Police force as we’re learning so many relevant skills. These skills would be useful in any of the Public Services. I want to get as high up as I can in the Police, trying out as many areas as possible, to see which I enjoy the most.”

Ben has been successful in the initial stages of his application to join the North Yorkshire Special Constables, which are a part time and voluntary service who work alongside the Police, doing a minimum of four hours a week. Special Constables are trained volunteers who have the same powers, uniform and responsibilities as Police officers and they play a crucial role in in linking the community with the Police service.

“I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll be successful in joining the Special Constables, as it would be a fantastic way to work my way up to being in the Police.”



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