Public Services students abseil at How Stean Gorge

Once again, students studying on the BTEC Extended Diploma in Public Services course have found themselves dangling from a 40ft bridge at How Stean Gorge, before being plunged into ice cold water in the middle of February.

Public Services

The group of daring students and their brave tutor Helen Garnham explored the gorge from deep within it, with fast flowing and freezing water gushing around them. As they travelled up stream, they had a number of slippery obstacles to tackle, using words of encouragement to get through each stage.

The students needed to use team work and strong communication skills learned throughout their course, to complete the task and keep the group moving together and quickly.

Public Services


Some parts were shallow with rocks covered in a dark green slime, whilst others parts required you to swim across and slide yourself onto the rocks at the other end. There were waterfalls, slides and jumps throughout the scramble as well as pitch black caves to navigate through, only using one small torch between all.

Every single one of the students got involved in leading the team and being the ‘dip stick’ to test how deep parts of the water were. This group of students looked after each other extremely well, making sure no one was left behind, but also had a huge amount of laughs and fun along the way.Public Services



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