Harrogate students explore London’s art scene

Students studying on the Extended Diploma and Foundation Diploma in Art and Design at Harrogate College visited London at the end of February to explore the bustling Art scene.

London art trip

26 students visited the Whitechapel Gallery, Tate Modern and the British Museum and discovered some fantastic exhibitions, including the legacy Francis Towne’s Watercolours of Rome and Texture and Photography.

Whilst visiting the three days, the group had the opportunity to really delve into the Capital City and explore a place so different to their home town of Harrogate. With art around every corner, some students found themselves in back streets analysing Banksy paintings and others in artistic revolving spaces on the top of a building.


The Extended Diploma students took a tour of the Victoria and Albert museum, with their next projects in mind and the Foundation Diploma students ventured into the old Victorian Spitalfields market, which is known for its stunning architecture and showcasing an eclectic range of vintage stalls.

“The Art trip to London was, as ever, fun and informative! The students were pushed out of their comfort zones and really had the opportunity to delve into the London Art scene.”- Nicola Turner, Curriculum lead.



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