Harrogate College students take to the slops in Folgarida, Italy

Harrogate Uniformed Public Services and Sport students took to the Italian slopes in March 2016 for a week of learning to ski in Folgarida, just four hours’ drive from Milan Malpensa airport.

The small and lovely resort nestled up in the Dolomite Mountains was home to our students for seven days of incredible sunshine and adrenaline filled activities. Conditions were perfect for skiing, and the students wasted no time in getting stuck in with their lessons. The group was of mixed ability with some having never donned a pair of skis whilst others just needed a refresher. Tutors Helen Garnham and Andy Reah showed the students how it was done…

The lessons ran from 10-12 every morning, with an hour’s break to enjoy mounds of delicious Italian pasta, and then again from 1-3pm. The instructors were amazing and soon had everybody skiing competently and confidently. It soon became clear that the students wanted as much time on the mountain as possible, so stayed out to carry on practicing their skills at the end of the afternoon lesson, making sure they didn’t miss the last cable car back down!

Former Harrogate College UPS tutor Sara-Jane Corani was the Max Ski representative, having settled into her new role on the mountain.

“It was absolutely fantastic to see SJ in her new role. She was suitably impressed with the enthusiasm and commitment of this year’s students and said that other colleges tended just to stick to the lesson times! This made me even more proud of our students, who not only proved to be great ambassadors for Harrogate College, but who proved they could be entirely trusted and relied upon at all times.” – Helen Garnham, UPS course tutor.

The Public Services, especially the Armed Forces, encourage adventurous training as a way of developing confidence through conquering fear and gaining the skills to handle these types of emotion.

Skiing 2016


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