Face lift for Reception area

Harrogate’s reception area has had a face lift as part of our £6m campus redevelopment. We’re just waiting on our brand new reception desk and the transformation will be complete! New shutters have been installed, partition walls have been removed and such much extra space has been created!


“The estate developments are really taking shape now. Staff and students returning after the Easter holidays were able to see the new reception configuration which is now bright, light and spacious. It has generated lots of positive comments and we’re excited to see it all coming together!” –

Debra Forsythe-Conroy, Principal


“I think the new reception area looks fantastic, really fresh and bright and perfect for that first point of contact.” – Grace Todd, Marketing


“It looks stunning, it’s bright clean and airy and just the transformation that it needed!”- Tracy Cooper, Business Support

“It’s much easier to navigate around and is a lot more inviting”- Joe, student

“It looks so fresh; I’ve already forgotten what it looked like before!” – Ella, student



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