Guest Blogger: Jack Pitt on Harrogate College life

Guest Blogger: This article is written by Level 1 Progression and Employability student Jack Pitt.

guest bloggerBefore I joined the Progression and Employability course I was at Spring Hill School in Ripon, it was a lot different to College. College has been a different experience for me. I think College will help me in the long run with my future. When I was at Spring Hill I just sat around doing work that didn’t apply to me such as Maths and English that was too easy but now I’m at Harrogate College and things are different. The work suits me a lot better than it did at Spring Hill.

I have enjoyed the course so far. We have done lots of fun things this year, such as when we had a coffee morning lots of people came to us, they bought coffee and cake and I was in charge of selling the cakes, which I enjoyed . We raised £65 which went to the Lollypop charity, which help young children with hearing disabilities.

We have done lots of different units this year such as Alternatives to Paid Work which was about giving your time to help people out in a volunteering role like old people or young people that don’t have anyone to keep them company; you could just have a chat with them or do their gardening or shopping.

We have also been studying Managing Your Own Money which I have found very helpful because I didn’t know about the hidden fees of loans and credit.

I found Preparing for an Interview very useful, I have updated my CV and have learned how to present myself and some of the questions I may be asked and how to answer them. I know what to plan before I go to an interview such as taking my qualification certificates and making sure I know where the interview is held and arrive before time.

I think the staff at College are very nice and they are very helpful. Bev my Learning Support Assistant has helped me so much; I don’t think I would have got this far without her. Diane, my tutor, has also done a lot for me this year and I think she is one of the best teachers I have ever had. Carol my other tutor has also been very supportive too.


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