Guest Blogger: Harrogate College life from Ivan Zeynu

Guest Blogger: This article is written by Ivan Zeynu who studies on Progression and Employability.

guest bloggerProgression and Employability is a course at Harrogate College which will give you the opportunity to experience a wide range of skill sets.

My name is Ivan, I am from Bulgaria and have moved to England and currently study at Harrogate College. I have moved to England because it offers more opportunities for my future. I am very interested in IT and hope to work as an IT Technician or a Software Engineer.

Zeynu is a student and a friend of mine who comes from Eritrea and currently studies at Harrogate College too. He has come to England for the same reasons, to expand the opportunities for his future. He likes IT and sports and hopes to work as a professional athlete. We have done very helpful and interesting units such as searching and applying for a job, managing money, alternatives to paid work, personal presentation and preparing for an interview. We have enjoyed the units and have learned useful things that will help us in the future when we are looking for employment. During the first term and half we have done a lot of different and interesting activities such as a coffee morning where we served coffee, tea and cake to customers. We also had a tombola where you could buy a ticket and win a prize. Everyone had different jobs and responsibilities. I was handling the money and Zeynu was meeting and greeting at the door. The coffee morning was a success and the £65 that we raised was donated to a charity for children with hearing disabilities.

Earlier in the year we did an Induction Assignment. We split into 4 teams with a leader and went into Harrogate to collect information to complete the assignment successfully. It was a great experience. Everyone had to work as a team and help each other. In the end our team gathered with the rest and went back to college so we could complete the assignment. Another interesting event that we did is the Children in Need charity. We printed and cut out Pudsey bears and cups which we sold to students and tutors for a pound. Then they had to colour the bears and cups and we had to collect them. All of the bears and cups were displayed on a board next to AG 51. All the money we got was donated to Children in Need. The course has been going great. We have been learning a lot of new things and obtaining new skills. We have learnt how to properly write a CV and a covering letter. We learnt how to search and apply for a job, how to prepare for an interview and how to present ourselves. Other interesting things that we learnt are how to manage our money, work as a team and the alternatives to paid work. In conclusion the course has helped us learn new things and obtain new skills. It has been fun and a great experience.


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