Local business supports students by providing work experience

Harrogate College joinery students are extremely fortunate to be able to undertake their work experience with local business Ventrolla, of which they have to complete 30 unpaid hours.

Also situated on Hornbeam Park in Harrogate, Ventrolla specialise in sash window repair and restoration and throughout the year have taken on numerous joinery students on their work experience placements and are continuing to take more in September.

Ventrolla Sash Window Repair Specialists

“We’re extremely lucky that Ventrolla, being a local business, have taken on so many of our students to complete their placements as it provides the students with valuable real life work experience, giving them an insight into the industry they’ve chosen to study about.” – Paul Gill, Harrogate College Skills Trainer.

The team at Ventrolla were so impressed with one bench joinery student Ethan Milner, that they have hired him as their apprentice. Ethan is now studying one day a week at College and earning whilst learning for the rest of the week, at Ventrolla as their apprentice.

“At Ventrolla, we’re really pleased to be able to support the students at Harrogate College on their work placements. We’re especially pleased with how Ethan has progressed over the past few months. Taking on an apprentice means that we can train him up to do what is required of the team at Ventrolla and we’re looking forward to taking on more in the coming year.” – Rachael Tranter, Ventrolla.


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