Guest Blogger: 5 things you may have missed at the end of year Art & Design Exhibition

Guest Blogger: This article is written by Maya Jagger, a former home-schooled student currently studying on Level 1 Progression and Employability.

On the open evening I attended the End-of-Year Art and Design Exhibition

  1. Rethinking the Fundamentals by Emily Milburn

Emily Milburn

OK, so this one wasn’t actually very hard to miss, it was everywhere! Emily, 19, says her project was about researching and exploring “the development of artistic expression through the ages,” from the early years to degree level.

“… I have rediscovered the joy of working quickly without the constraints of the judgements of adulthood.


Currently Vice President of the Hull College Group Student Union, Emily is a hardworking student, who has put time aside from study to travel and represent the Student Union.

I loved the idea behind Emily’s project and the vibrant colours of all the paintings together produced an eye-catching effect!



Next year Emily will go on to study Child Development and Early Years Education at Manchester Metropolitan University. Good luck, Emily… We will miss you!

2. Welcome to the Freakshow by Jaden Phillips and Rhiannan Stocks  

6Jaden’s outfit (left) reflected her graceful personality and the effort she puts into everything she does. She spent many hours using acrylics to paint and perfect the mermaids pictured above (below).


Inspired by the ITV drama ‘Jekyll and Hyde’, ‘Freak Show’ and ‘American Horror Story’, for her project Jaden, 16, with the help of Rhi, created an eclectic display of work, which stood out to me in the exhibition.


My favourite pieces are based from the original Fiji Mermaid, also known as the Feejee Mermaid. As I looked upon Jaden’s creations I found the mutant mermaids, which had been given tails like fish, torsos of a baby orang-utan and heads like those of monkeys, to be very Frankensteinesque in appearance and in history. P.T. Bartnum and Moses Kimball christened the creature ‘The Feejee Mermaid’ in 1842.


Jaden’s portrayal of the Fiji Mermaid (top), and the original Fiji Mermaid (bottom).

“The Fiji Mermaid,” Jaden explained to me, “was said to be a real creature, half monkey half fish.” After researching the history of the mermaid, Jaden discovered the Fiji Mermaid had been found out to be a hoax. She described the mermaid had been “put together” and the skeleton had decayed at different rates to prove the mermaid was a phony.

Next year Jaden will continue onto her second year of her Extended Diploma in Art and Design.

3. Label in the Labour by Katie Farmer


Dani looks like she’s having fun!

“I decided to explore sexism in the workplace,” says Kate, “particularly the role of women doing traditional male jobs.”

Through photography, Kate showed us that “women are perfectly capable of fixing cars,” which was very direct and I thought conveyed her message well, and it also gave her the chance to experiment with composition.

Kate was bold, saying she also wanted to shed light on the fact that “images of cars and women have usually involved scantily clad models draped over vehicles.” I agree, Kate. If I think about it I have never seen one photo of a real female mechanic. This tells me that the female mechanic is poorly represented in our society.

Next year Katie is hoping to start an apprenticeship.

4. The Carnival by Jake Derry and friends











The Carnival themed project was a collaborated effort by Jake Derry, Harry Needham, Georgia Richardson and Laurence Carter. As well as contributing to the project, Laurence was DJ for the event, mixing a fun playlist to fit with the carnival theme. Together they designed the skeleton ducks and the stand.

I found the game of duck fishing highly entertaining, it was all fun and games until I, after hooking it in the eye, somehow accidentally killed one of the ducks! This brought a new level of fun to the game, by the end of the day all of the ducks had been successfully decapitated.

Next year Jake, Harry and Laurence will progress into their next year in Art and Design.

5. Dragon Plate Smashing by Harry Needham    

A smashing time was had by all… Pun intended

12 13 14 15









Last but not least, as well as collaborating with Jake, Laurence and Georgia on their project, Harry created a stand of his own, making his own plates in the ceramics department and taping photographs of despicable people to the plates.

The despicable people included Stalin, The Emperor of Japan, Hilary Clinton, Jack Black (“well, someone might hate him,” said Harry) The Tsar, Nigel Farage and Adolph Hitler, who were smashed to smithereens by our guests, who really got into the spirit of things.

Rainbow eye (left), sweetly placed birds by Mary Maslaveckas (second from left), vase by Paul Laycock (third from right) and plates by Chris Bailey (second from right and far right)

Next year I will be an Art and Design student and after attending this event I do believe next year will be a good one! Did you go to the exhibition? If so, what did you see? Let us know in the comments below.


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