Harrogate tutor empowers students with self-defence sessions

Uniformed Public Services tutor Jon Colley is empowering female students by offering sessions on self-defence techniques which will develop perseverance, self-control and understanding of adrenaline stress; in turn building self-esteem and confidence.

As part of the Uniformed Public Services course offered at Harrogate College, the Level 3 Year 1 students undertook a session with Jon on basic self-defence. Following the successful classes, Jon was approached by two female students in the group and asked if he would offer a self-defence session, initially just for females, as they felt it would be highly beneficial.

“I was approached by two of my students who felt, they, and other female students, would benefit greatly from a self-defence session aimed purely at females. I was more than happy to oblige as it’s a topic I feel passionate about.” – Jon Colley

Former Colour Sergeant and Army Unarmed Combat Instructor Jon now teaches at Harrogate College as well as running Karate, Kickboxing and self-defence classes at Chuldow Family Martial Arts Academy in Barnsley.

The sessions at Harrogate College will cover techniques such as striking, how to minimise risk, escaping grabs and take downs.

“The self-defence sessions taking place at Harrogate College are an exciting and unique way for our students and staff alike, to feel empowered and supported.” – Debra Forsythe-Conroy


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